Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As follow up to my previous blog, I continue the review of the "Ask America" questionnaire that was, mysteriously or inadvertently, sent to me by the Republican party. I think what is revealing is not so much what they ostensibly want to ask but what they are selling.

For example: The next series of questions supposedly are about the threat of illegal immigration and terrorism, but they seem more like stoking and exploiting these fears for future wars or restrictions of civil rights.

"Should resident aliens and all non-citizens be required to carry an ID card issued by the Immigration Service while they are in the U.S.?"

"Do you think our government is doing enough to secure America's borders against foreign terrorists?"

"Do you believe that all foreigners within the U.S. whose visas have expired should be deported?"

To the above three questions I answered, Yes, No and No.

The reason I said yes to the first question is because when I travel abroad I usually have my passport with me at all times, and I wouldn't mind leaving it back at my hotel if I had an ID card issued by the country I was visiting. It would confirm my status and would not require me to carry the passport.

I also know that Bushboy has reduced the rate of increases for border patrols and while I know the vast majority of illegals are just poor people who come to the U.S. looking for work, I'd like to think our borders aren't so porous that al Qaeda could march a regiment across them anytime they wish, which is what I believe is the current situation.

As to deporting all those with expired visas that seems very draconian if in fact feasible. Each visa expiration should be reviewed by the Immigration Service with extensions being offered to those who present compelling cases.

The last question in this series is the real point of all this and it's not so much the question as the answers they offer.

"What is of greatest concern to you and your family right now?"

The first answer offered is: "The threat of terrorism," which dove-tails neatly with the fear mongering of the previous questions about immigrants and resident aliens. The next answer is: "The health of the nation's economy," which is what I chose and they also offered "Other," as an answer with a line of about 2 inches to write in another concern.

I picked the nation's economy because I truly believe that Bushboy's "no tax and spend" policies are fiscally ruinous and that the war in Iraq and the recovery costs of Katrina are serious additional burdens to our already unsustainable debt levels.

But what I believe the Goopers are selling with these questions is fear. Fear of immigrants, fear of terrorism, fear of the unknown, while positioning themselves and Bushboy as the anti-dote or solution to these problems.

In reality, Bushboy and the Goopers have been in control since shortly after 9/11 and all the problems of terrorism and anti-American animus have gotten worse due to the invasion of Iraq, which has acted like an accelerent to a fire and due to the horrors of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and the many innocent deaths inflicted by the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan, which demonstrates that REPUBLICANS and their policies are the real problem!

Unfortunately the term "free press" has become a euphemism for a craven and sycophantic mass media in America and so the gross and ignominious failures of Bushboy and the Goopers receive little or no attention. Afterall, it's not as though Bushboy was caught in an extra-marital sex act, he's only killing innocent people and looting the hell out of the treasury!

I will have more questions and answers in my next blog.


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