Friday, October 14, 2005

Goopers are corrupt, and that's all there is to that
They lie, cheat and steal, while smugly growing fat
Wasting blood and treasure
Slaking greedy pleasure
Taking bribes, legalizing crimes by congressional fiat!

The stench of Republican (Gooper) corruption is so pervasive that it extends to all branches of the the US government and to many state governments as well.

The litany of Gooper miscreants is long and growing. To the indictments against Tom DeLay, we now have the SEC subpoena of Bill Frist's stock records. Then there was the arrest of a Mr. Safavian who was previously Bushboy's handpicked purchasing agent for the US government, who was connected to the nefarious Jack Abramoff (FEMA infamous Mike Brown's college room-mate), who is also being investigated for corrupting Gooper government officials, which is like saying he corrupted the morals of porn stars. In addition, there's the Rove/Libby/Plame treason matter that hangs like the sword of Damocles over the Bushboy mal-administration as we wait with baited breath to see what, if any charges, are brought against the unscrupulous "righthand men" of Bushboy & Cheneychins.

And as you go around the states you find a Gooper Kentucky governor being shunned even by his own party for his conduct. The elaborate "Coingate scandal" in Ohio where Goopers plundered the state's pension funds continues to be investigated and then there's the Terminator gropinator in California who endorsed dubious advertising in muscle magazines, which he was subsequently forced to rescind.

On top of all this there's the continuing "no-bid contracts" to corporate cronies like Halliburton, the missing tens of billions of $$$ from the Iraq war funding and the relentless efforts of the Goopers to enrich the rich with more tax breaks and more government subsidies, while simultaneously making life harder for the average citizen with stiffer bankruptcy laws and negligent indifference to the rising healthcare cost crisis!

Meanwhile our vaunted "free press" continues to flood us with distractions to our prurient interests in the midst of this Gooper crime spree! Why is it that items about missing young women or celebrity sex scandals or "human interest" stories take up so much of TV "news" fare? Why isn't the threat to our democracy by these Gooper racketeers more important? Why can't they link the connections between all these Gooper operatives (DeLay-Abramoff-Norquist for example), and show the American people how they are being sold out?

Alas, corruption and depravity seem endemic to the Gooper party and since they control the government, this epidemic of misdeeds should be the LEAD STORY on all news broadcasts! But since we have a craven mass media that is owned and operated by the same corporate cronies that patronize the Goopers, the media will either ignore or cover-up the Gooper crime wave. It is then up to the American people to figure out how they are being screwed!

I'm sorry to say that considering the track record of the American people, who have elected so many Goopers to Congress and Bushboy to the WH recently, any optimism about their judgement would be a surreal and premature expectation!!!


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