Sunday, October 23, 2005

Goopers are insidious.

They prove it daily and naturally their questionnaire, "Ask America" is pure perfidy in camoflauge. Just look at how they pose questions concerning the subject of "Education:"

"Do you agree with President Bush's reform proposal of flexibility and local control that will reduce red tape and give states and local schools unprecedented flexibility in using federal funds to produce results?"

"No." I answered because the question is pure propaganda. The fact is many states want nothing to do with Bushboy's "No child left behind," fiction because it mandates certain actions that these school districts must take but does not provide sufficient funds to do it. In addition, Bushboy's so called "proposal" doesn't address the need to hire more teachers or to improve school infrastructure. It focuses almost exclusively on "testing." So instead of schools teaching a variety of subject matter to a reasonable degree of depth, it will instead be teaching a limited program that focuses on passing a test. That's not EDUCATION! That's "test passing" techniques.

"Should states be encouraged to develop methods to test teachers regularly to ensure they are proficient in the subject matter they teach?"

Now this seems like a slam-dunk, "Yes," which is what I answered but in the hands of the devious Goopers it probably has some nefarious possibilities to disqualify teachers who refuse to teach some of the mythological crap they want considered "science," like the Intelligent Design or some other such pseudo-religious drivel.

"Should a federally funded voucher system be established to allow inner city parents to move their children from failing public schools to better performing schools?"

Now this is as insidious and deceitful as a question can be. I answered "No, because a voucher system will destroy the public school system and result in a private school system funded by federal vouchers, where segregation of the schools would be perfectly legal. They also associate public schools with failing while sneaking in the false idea that other schools perform better. The truth is that some private schools perform better than public schools and some don't. But if the voucher system becomes law, we can kiss the public school system good bye and those "inner city parents" that the Goopers are so concerned about (make that black parents), will get sold out and have to use their vouchers to set up schools in their own neighborhoods with less funds than they have now.

"What do you see as the major cause of the decline in America's education?"

The choices the Goopers offered as response were: Complacent parents, Not enough discipline, Not enough money, Too much bureaucracy, Poor teachers, Crowded classrooms, No opinion and Other. I chose "Not enough money, Crowded classrooms and in the "Other" slot I put "Segregated schools."

According to Jonathan Kozol, who I believe is the foremost national expert on America's education problems, wealthy neighborhoods are able to afford schools that have a comfortable infrastructure (heated in winter, air-conditioned in the summer), have a sensible teacher to pupil ration and have adequate supplies of books, computers, and sundry items that enhance and improve the education experience. Therefore enough money will buy a decent education system. It will also reduce crowded classrooms.

And as Kozol writes about in his latest book, "The Shame of the Nation," segregation today is as pernicious and widespread as it was in America at the time of the Brown vs Board of Education decision by the US Supreme Court.

Which is why the Goopers are pushing vouchers, which will insure legal immunity to segregated schools and "separate and unequel" education systems. This will waste the enormous talent pool of our youth and create racial divisions that will plague America for decades to come!


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