Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I am an admitted and unabashed Bushboy basher. I use the term "Bushboy" to describe our putative president out of disrespect for who he is and what he's done, and also to distinguish him from his former putative president father, who I refer to as Bushdaddy.

I consider the Bush family one of the great American plagues surpassed only by the Republican party, which I invariably refer to as "Goopers," and the rabid religious right or any other fundamentalists, who believe that any scripture supersedes the scientific method for understanding reality.

I was born and raised in a very different America than the one that exists today. Back in the 1950s the government was assumed to be the instrument and benefactor of the people. When I refer to "the people," it includes ALL the people, and not just those who can write checks for large political donations. This government being a "friend" of the people prevailed because of FDR and the many New Deal implementations that had for the first time in US history provided protections for working people in terms of working conditions, pay and the right to organize. It also meant Social Security and other benefits that helped people to help themselves.

Therein lies one of the great fallacies of the conservative ethic, which is often stated as, "God helps those who help themselves!" This shibboleth isn't found even in the sanctimonious scripture they revere so much but in the writings of Benjamin Franklin in his "Poor Richard's Almanac." If there is a God (about which I have serious doubts), then why is it He or She seems to have an arbitrary animus to the poor and down-trodden? I mean, aside from the fact that they (and their numerous children) often don't get enough to eat or suffer more than their share of disease and dysentary, divine providence has seen fit to also visit upon them floods (Katrina), tsunamis and earthquakes with lethal regularity.

Which brings me to my favorite theory as to why the world is as messed up as it is. In reality the world wasn't created by any God but by those who are the most aggressive, greediest, sociopathic and rapacious homo sapiens evolution has produced. These people are sometimes called conquerors or tyrants or demagogues or plutocrats. I prefer the term "psycho-killers." They have always taken charge of their societies (with rare exceptions). Look at history and you find that these "A (hole) type" personalities ruled the ancient world, whether it was the Pharaohs of Egypt or the Caeser's of Rome. In more modern times we have the examples of Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

In America today we have a depraved moron who sits in the White House as the stooge for those plutocrats who dictate what Americans will have for pay and benefits as well as for education and environment. They also will have the say-so about making war or peace. And they are often celebrated or rewarded regardless of how often their madcap schemes cause death and disaster to those lower down on the food chain.

Back in the America I grew up in I was taught several gross exaggerations. One was that we have civil rights and another was that we had a "free press." Neither is really true. But back in the fifties the "press" or Mass Media wasn't as craven or cowardly or as corporate controlled as it is today. The result was that something as laughable as a vicuna coat gratuity caused an Ike aide to resign. Today outright treason by "outing" an undercover CIA agent doesn't rate attention until indictments are served, if then!

In the weeks and months to come I will attack the "asses of evil" who have usurped power in America. I consider the Bushboy clan, the Gooper party, the rabid religious right, the craven mass media and the greedheads of big bizness to be the enemies of the people and I will elaborate and hopefully illuminate on these things in future blogs.


At 4:49 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Bravo! Good luck with it.

At 4:52 AM, Blogger cabearie said...

Congratulations, Rudy, and welcome aboard.

This is a terrific beginning, and I have already put you on the list to check each day.


At 4:58 AM, Blogger Attaturk said...

Nice Start Rudy. Good luck with it, it will take over your life if you want it too.

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Arabella said...

Congratulations, Rudy! I went to college in MA. Interesting place.


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