Saturday, October 22, 2005

Onward Christian (and other ) soldiers, citizens and other interested parties as I continue my unexpurgated analysis of the Gooper "Ask America" questionnaire.

Actually calling it a "questionnaire" is falling for the Gooper scam. It really is nothing more than another turgid piece of propaganda, sent out by the Goopers to Americans all over the country, at taxpayer expense thanks to Congressional franking priviliges.

The next victim of the Gooper attack was Social Security, Medicare and Healthcare as the questions will show:

"Do you agree with President Bush that it is imperative to modernize and restore Social Security?"

I answered, "No," even though I do believe that SS should be modernized in accordance with recommendations Paul Krugman, economics professor at Princeton University has suggested, which of course are designed to sustain SS for it's recipients well into the next century, while Bushboy's plan is a devious plot to wreck it.

"Do you support President Bush's proposal to allow individuals to choose to invest a certain portion of their Social Security money in order to build a stronger retirement fund?"

I answered, "No," as the question has so many absurd presumptions in it and is such a fiscal lie that it really is an insult to anyone asked it. The fact is there can be no "investing of a portion of SS money" without either reducing benefits to current recipients or by causing the federal government to borrow even more money from China to cover even bigger deficits than the record ones we are now incurring!!! And the idea that a "stronger retirement fund" will result is nothing but specious speculation. Investing doesn't include any guarantees that the returns will be better and they could be worse.

"Do you feel it is imperative that Congress act today to ensure the financial stability of the Medicare program?"

I answered, "Yes," although I have no confidence this Gooper Congress will ever or could ever act to financially stabilize a child's piggy bank. The fact is that these same Goopers passed a Medicare bill last year that was supposed to provide "prescription drug benefits" to senior citizens. The cost, we were told would be under $400 billion over the next decade. Bushboy and the Goopers knew the cost would be significantly higher and they lied about it. They even threatened the Medicare Actuary with loss of his job if he revealed the higher figure!!! On top of all that, the Gooper Congress denied Medicare the simple market mechanism of seeking bids for various kinds of prescription drugs, and mandated that Medicare must accept whatever price any of the Pharmaceutical giants chose to charge for any of the medications purchased!!! This is obvious Congressional corruption and collusion with Big Pharma to rip off the US taxpayers again!!! Goopers can't be trusted. Their greed is always their paramount concern!

"Do you think that all costs for prescription drugs should be covered by Medicare?"

I answered, "No," thinking about all the fat-assed Goopers who would be ordering Viagra and seeking other cialis miracles to enhance their sexual prowess. And beyond that, I don't think every prescription drug needs to be covered, especially those that may not be necessary for a person's health but only to boost their vanity.

"Are you pleased with the quality of healthcare you currently receive?"

I answered, "Yes," although I wish it were less expensive. I happen to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, right near some of the best hospitals and medical schools in the country. I am on Medicare and pay for supplementary coverage through Blue Cross. My total monthly outlay is $200, which is not too bad compared to what others must pay, but it's still a lot for someone without a steady income anymore and of course my concern is how high and how fast this cost will grow. Bushboy and the Goopers instituted a 17% increase in Medicare last year and they are bumping it another 13% this year. That's an average of 15%/year. At that rate, my cost will double in six or seven years!!!

"Do you agree that there should be reasonable limits on punitive damages on the amount of money patients and trial lawyers can collect when suing their doctors or HMO's?"

I "Disagreed." The question is another phony set up, making "patients" and "trial lawyers" evil perpetrators, while the Goopers pimp for their patron corporations that actually caused the harm. The term "reasonable limits" is totally subjective and juries should be allowed to determine what each case is worth.

"How much of a role should the federal government have in an individual's healthcare?"

I answered, "Major Role," and not "Limited Role" or "No role at all." The fact is America needs to have healthcare run as efficiently as possible and the current hodge-podge of Insurance companies, HMOs and the restrictions on doctors and medical professionals is a waste of money (about 30% of every dollar) and it denies over 40 million people any healthcare insurance at all.

America spends 14% of our gross national product on our flawed healthcare system. Other industrial nations spend 10% or less and they cover all their people!

The government clearly could takeover and run healthcare as efficiently as Medicare has been run. This would be a vast improvement over what we currently have, but it won't happen because the Goopers and their patron corporate cronies in the Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Medical businesses will be denied their profiteering and they will raise the false spectre of "socialized medicine" to scare the American people back into the unsustainable system that we have today!!!


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