Sunday, October 16, 2005

Somehow I was picked by the Republican Party to respond to their "Ask America," questionaire.

I think my selection was random but it might have been because I was a business owner or because I live in an area where real estate values have grown. In any event, since there are so many excellent bloggers who are covering the crimes and misdeeds of Bushboy, Cheneychins, Rover, Libby and other miscreant Goopers, to say nothing of Judy Miller and the whole Plamegate affair, I thought I would share the questions of "Ask America" and my answers to them with my "vast" audience.

To begin with they ask for a donation to the Gooper Party. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that there is no chance they would get spit from me! So I just checked off the box asking for a copy of the completed "Ask America" survey once it is done.

Then they start with the following misleading question. "Do you support President Bush in his efforts to wipe out terrorism worldwide even if this war goes on for many years?"

The possible answers allowed are: "Yes, No and No Opinion." Naturally I answered "No." But what bugs me about this question is that it implies that the "war" has a possibility of wiping out terrorism, when in fact, it doesn't. Also what war are they taking about? Iraq? Afghanistan? Both? Or are they talking about "war" in general and do they want our approval for perpetual war anywhere and everywhere for perpetual profits for the Halliburtons of the world?

The next question confirms my previous suspicion. "Do you think American troops should pursue terrorists and their leaders even if it means going into countries where we are not invited?"

In other words, they want sanction for pre-emptive, perpetual war anywhere Bushboy deems terrorists are hiding. Give me a break! Considering how Bushboy scammed the Congress into pre-approval of his Iraq invasion, you would have to be a fool to give this chickenhawk president and the chickenhawk Goopers any encouragement for war, because they will spill the blood of everyone's kids but theirs, while spending billions of dollars more that we don't have, while leaving an even bigger debt for future generations to be burdened with. And I doubt they will pursue any terrorists who aren't residing in oil rich countries so I answered, "No."

The next question tries to elicit how much fear of terrorism is out there. "How concerned are you that we potentially face more terrorism within the United States and will it directly impact your family?"

My answer here was "Very concerned," not "Somewhat" or "Not very concerned, " which were the alternatives. Because I live in the Boston area and have family in New York City and Los Angeles, which have both been prime targets of previous terrorist attacks.

Next they ask, "How confident are you that the Department of Homeland Security will be able to keep America safe from future terrorist attacks?"

Are they kidding me? After Katrina? After the incompetent crony appointments to Homeland and FEMA? After Bushboy's mismanagement of everything he's touched? Naturally I answered, "Not very confident."

"Some critics say that in tracking down potential foreign terrorists, the FBI and other investigative agencies are infringing on individual's Constitutional rights. Do you think this is reasonable if it leads to exposing more terrorists in our country?" is their next loaded question.

My answer was, "No," because I don't know how many terrorists have actually been exposed due to Patriot Act infringements of our civil rights. Second, if there have been any, I don't think it's worth suspending the bill of rights, which is the essence of "freedom" that Bushboy & the Goopers pontificate so much about. We didn't do it during World War II or Korea or Vietnam and I don't think it's a good idea to start now, especially since the One Party that is running all our government branches, resembles Big Brother too much for my liking as it is.

There are many other questions that are asked and I will be going through them in future blogs, but I think it's apparent that these are "leading questions" where the Goopers are seeking to persuade even more than they are trying to solicit opinions about policy decisions that Bushboy and the Gooper Congress have already made. I think that this questionnaire also is an indication that the Goopers are nervous about what people think of them and Bushboy and are trying to see how much trouble they are in.

If Plamegate indictments of White House aides occur next week, they won't need a questionnaire to know that the answer is, "Plenty!!!"


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At 5:21 AM, Blogger cabearie said...

Kind of gives new meaning to the term "push poll", doesn't it.

Thanks for sharing the questionnaire with us. Sure is revealing on how these folks think, isn't it?



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