Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I know the title sounds looney and over the top, but the reality is that since the fall of the USSR, capitalism has surged worldwide and now is with a few exceptions, the economic ideology of the world.
Capitalism with sufficient restraints to keep it from eating it's young, is a workable system and perhaps even a preferred system of economic distribution of goods, services and rewards, but the capitalism that has prevailed since communism's decline, is nothing less than a predatory beast that demands total belief and benefits the very few at the expense of everyone else.
The problem with the Wal-Mart model of capitalism that has emerged since the end of the Cold War is everything we thought we had progressed from since the 19th century. Child labor, exploited labor, no labor unions allowed, disregard for the "external costs" of the degradation of the environment or public health, war for hegemonic control of resources (i.e., oil), and the concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, while the middleclass erodes and the poor increase alarmingly.
Americans are particularly inculcated with the belief system that capitalism (as it is currently being practiced) is the "only" system that can work and even more, any questioning of it suggests someone who is either a socialist, a terrorist or not in control of their faculties.
This is re-inforced daily in our media. The global corporations could not do what they do to the other people of the world without the US government's sanction and the tacit and perfunctory endorsement of their methods in the mass media.
And so while people are paid a pittance in China, Mexico, the Phillipines, etc.... the few who run the Wal-Marts and the Nikes of the world grow obscenely rich. Meanwhile jobs are shipped out of the USA to third world countries or poor countries like those mentioned above while the US government assists these corporations by allowing them to deduct costs associated with the removal of American jobs.
Over the past 40 years, the vast rightwing conspiracy has sought to takeover the media through ownership or intimidation and they have succeeded. They have sought to dismantle the "New Deal" programs that enabled a middleclass to grow and they are succeeding there too. They also seek to discredit anyone who disagrees or dissents from their rightwing ideology of profits before people and their callous disregard for civil rights, even if they are enunciated in the US Constitution.
This vast fascist conspiracy has laced the US court system with judges who are their allies and adherents. They will deny rights to most, except those rich corporations who are part of the new ruling oligarchy of plutocrats.
Thus over the past four decades, this rightwing cabal, led by Richard Mellon Scaife and others, has converted the mass media into a sycophantic propaganda organ that will play any tune the fascists dictate. The government(s), be they state or federal have grown more "conservative," which is the code-word for the fascists amongst us. And whether it's the incompetency, deceit and greed of Bushboy and Cheneychins at the executive level, or the selling of legislation to the highest bidders by Frist and DeLay in the Congress or the rebukes to settled law by the ever more "conservative" Supreme Court (which put Bushboy in office to begin with), the citizens of America have been taken over by a vast fascist conspiracy and most don't have a clue, because they have been so indoctrinated and misinformed by their so called "free press" and the depraved Goopers who have been elected to office.
The only ray of light in this dark era to which we have sunk is the Internet. Perhaps, as people get to speak in their own right about what is happening in their lives or as they relate by word of mouth, so to speak, what they are finding out or hearing from the few real journalists or journals who bravely fight against this fascist regime, we will be able to overcome the institutional complicity of the mass media and break the chains of ignorance and fear that the vast fascist conspiracy has fastened on America today.
If not, "1984" has arrived, a little behind schedule but every bit as vile and evil as advertised.


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I agree with you on your thoughts.....usually what I call the fascist is mammon worshipers myself because they have built themselves a sort of global cult of self interest.

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