Tuesday, November 15, 2005

America's enemies within!
While much is made of those who questioned the need for America to go to war in Iraq and while polls often show that Americans think Bushboy and the Goopers are "better" at defending America from terrorism or military threats, even as Bushboy sinks in the polls regarding his integrity or competence, the truth is that America cannot be defeated by an outside enemy.
We spend more money on "Defense" than all the other nations combined. We have more nuclear weapons than anyone with the most sophisticated and inexorable delivery systems. Aside from a surprise nuclear attack from some huge foreign power like China or Russia, America cannot be challenged militarily anywhere in the world.
The reason the Goopers malign those who dissent from their warmongering policies is because it works. Fear, as Machiavelli noted, is a far more reliable motivator than anything else, and when it comes to exploiting baseless fears for political advantage, the Goopers are in a class by themselves.
America cannot be defeated by an outside enemy but America as we have known it, is being destroyed by the same Goopers who would scare Americans silly with their fictitious threats and straw man enemies.
America once meant a capitalist system with a reasonable amount of competition to provide consumers with good products and services at a fair price. It also meant employers offering healthcare insurance and decent pensions for benefits. It also meant a democratic system of government where even though the Democrats were the dominant party in Congress and the White House, the Republicans were allowed to participate in the drafting of legislation and their opinions were considered before final passage.
America once meant a mass media that was not the abject servant of the corporations and where religious orthodoxy was not forced down the throats of all regardless of their beliefs.
America once meant a growing and vibrant middleclass and educational possibilities for the young to advance themselves and an abiding respect for the environment.
America once meant fiscal responsibility and an occasional balanced budget.
With the advent of the Reagan administration and the Contract on America much of that changed for the worse. And the Bushboy regime has been the final coup de grace to American fairness, decency and Constitutional government.
We now make pre-emptive war and torture our prisoners in violation of the Geneva Accords and other treaties to which we are signatories. We now waste hundreds of billions of dollars on war, Defense and "no bid contracts" with corporations that are criminal cronies of the current administration. Fiscally America has seen record deficits under Bushboy leading to what many experts like Robert Rubin call, "Unsustainable debt leading to a day of reckoning!"
The press has gone from "watch-dog" of government to it's "lap-dog," while the News Divisions are completely subordinated to the corporate whims.
The middleclass shrinks, the rich get richer, the education system deteriorates along with the environment and democracy hangs in the balance.
And why has all this happened to America?
The answer is short, simple and politically unmentionable: It is the vast rightwing conspiracy of the Goopers, the Military Industrial complex, the Religious Right and assorted other radicals and nutcases like the NRA, that have banded together to scare Americans into thinking that they are America's saviors.
But it's a cruel hoax. The rightwing in America is our worst and most insideous enemy within.

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Bushboy regime: Not a government!
According to the Declaration of Independence, "government is instituted amongst men" to provide, among other things, for the common defense and to maintain domestic tranquillity. The Declaration goes on to say that when the government no longer serves these purposes, it is the right of the people to "alter or abolish it."
By any reasonable measure the Bushboy regime has failed to provide any of the above and deserves to be "altered" as in impeachment or abolished, as in the election of 2006 where every Republican in Congress who is running should be removed from office.
The waste of American blood and treasure by these depraved morons in the White House is appalling enough, but in addition, they continue to demand more tax cuts for their rich cronies, they continue to allow the trashing of the environment for profiteering corporations, and they continue to appoint corrupt incompetents to the federal bench and to head up federal agencies.
It's time for a new generation of Americans to make their own declaration of independence from a collection of criminals and cretins who not only can't run a government but couldn't care less about it anyway.
The Bushboy regime has been about "getting mine!" Consider the string of bloodsuckers that have attached themselves to the veins of the American Treasury: Halliburton, Bechtel, Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Mike Brown, Bill Frist, Tom Delay and Bushboy and Cheneychins, themselves.
They are all getting rich while America's middleclass is stuck with their wars and their debts. It's well past time to remove these thugs and fools from office and bring back real government to America!

Thursday, November 10, 2005