Monday, November 14, 2005

The Bushboy regime: Not a government!
According to the Declaration of Independence, "government is instituted amongst men" to provide, among other things, for the common defense and to maintain domestic tranquillity. The Declaration goes on to say that when the government no longer serves these purposes, it is the right of the people to "alter or abolish it."
By any reasonable measure the Bushboy regime has failed to provide any of the above and deserves to be "altered" as in impeachment or abolished, as in the election of 2006 where every Republican in Congress who is running should be removed from office.
The waste of American blood and treasure by these depraved morons in the White House is appalling enough, but in addition, they continue to demand more tax cuts for their rich cronies, they continue to allow the trashing of the environment for profiteering corporations, and they continue to appoint corrupt incompetents to the federal bench and to head up federal agencies.
It's time for a new generation of Americans to make their own declaration of independence from a collection of criminals and cretins who not only can't run a government but couldn't care less about it anyway.
The Bushboy regime has been about "getting mine!" Consider the string of bloodsuckers that have attached themselves to the veins of the American Treasury: Halliburton, Bechtel, Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Mike Brown, Bill Frist, Tom Delay and Bushboy and Cheneychins, themselves.
They are all getting rich while America's middleclass is stuck with their wars and their debts. It's well past time to remove these thugs and fools from office and bring back real government to America!


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