Monday, December 19, 2005

After creating a litany and a legacy of horrors for the American people, from the looting of trillions of dollars from their US Treasury for his rich friends to inventing a war in Iraq to Abu Ghraib to Plamegate to his Katrina hurricane neglect, we now learn that Bushboy was spying on Americans since 9/11, and he didn't even bother to get a warrant for his wiretaps or to advise appropriate congressional committees about what he was doing!
This "I am above the law," attitude by Bushboy has been apparent all his life. He didn't take a physical in the military when required to do so. Anyone else would have been court martialed but thanks to his daddy, who was a congressman at the time, Bushboy's refusal to obey a lawful military order was ignored. After bankrupting three companies, Bushboy was made a corporate officer for Harken Energy and when they ran into a cash flow problem and it looked as though their stock would tank, Bushboy who was privy to this information, committed the crime of insider trading by selling his Harken stock and not reporting the sale in the required 30 days to the SEC.
This flauting of the law was also apparent with the outing of a CIA agent because Bushboy was angry with her husband who dared to question a lie Bushboy had told about "yellowcake" being purchased by the arch-villain, Saddam.
Bushboy doesn't know or care about the law and he appointed a fawning, foolish Attorney General who rubber stamps Bushboy's legal ignorance, by misleading him about the US obligation to observe the Geneva Accords and to torture prisoners with impunity.
Clearly the Bushboy record begs for impeachment and the unauthorized snooping on American citizens without judicial or congressional oversight makes it imperative that even this corrupt and dissolute Gooper Congress act to re-assert the separation of powers and to defend the US Constitution that they swore to uphold.
But the liklihood is that Bushboy's doublespeak will once again obfuscate the issue and he will, once again, get away with violating the law and America becomes the banana republic Bushboy and the Gooper party have conspired to create.


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