Tuesday, March 21, 2006

But the question is....

While I can understand the depth of the anger and dissatisfaction with the Bushboy regime, it should be apparent that they are the symptom of what is wrong in America and not the entire cause.
The question is how can the USA with all it's wonderful ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights behave so inhumanely and despicably?
And it's not just this current administration. Nixon and LBJ are responsible for millions of needless deaths in Vietnam and previous to that we had American atrocities in the Philippines and previous to that the Mexican War, just to name a few.
The question is how can our government act with such disregard for human life and how is it the American people can be taken along for this ride into hell time and time again without being aware of it.
It took quite a while for the American people to realize that the Vietnam war was a horrific waste and they seem to have come to that conclusion about Iraq, three years too late. Why is it we allow the government and the always complicity mass media to stampede us into senseless war after war, leaving us with moral and financial burdens that grow more onerous all the time?
And my answer is that we have been sold the wrong societal paradigm. Which is another way of saying that we have been inculcated with the belief that our economic and political system is the best there is and any other is either inferior or a devious threat to our own.
This permits us to kill innocent people so we can bring them "democracy" or the "free market system" or some other iconic shibboleth that has currency with masses. Forget the fact that democracy has been severely compromised in the USA itself, what with gerrymandering and dubious elections and that our capitalist system favors the rich corporations over struggling individuals more and more.
May I suggest that the questions we should be asking are: what kind of a society do we want to have and what kind of a people do we want to be?
If the answer is a society based on freedom, justice and humanitarianism, which are the ostensible values of our founding documents, then we have allowed ourselves to be grievously misled by our so called "governments" of the past few decades.
If and when we ever get to the point where there is a national dialogue about the limits to profiteer and war, perhaps there will be hope for a free and democratic America.